It’s both exciting and soothing’ – the brave new hobby one woman swears by

As KFC launches its limited edition Zinger Popcorn Bucket, we celebrate the thrill of trying something new

If we’ve learnt anything over the past year and a half, it’s that you never know what’s around the corner, so it’s important to seize opportunities, push ourselves out of our comfort zone and live for the moment.

KFC is doing just that by encouraging people to spice things up to mark the launch of its tasty new Zinger Popcorn Bucket – available for a limited time only.

So to join in the fun, we’re championing people who have challenged themselves to try new things, including Jenny Holden who has dived head first into wild swimming.

The forty-seven-year-old mum of ten-year-old twins from Lichfield, Staffordshire, explains that she was in search of a new challenge, and one that would bring some excitement to her life.

‘With my children a bit older, and less dependent on me, I found myself with a little bit more time for myself, and I wanted to use it doing something fun,’ says Jenny who runs her own PR company Chorus Communications.

‘Especially post lockdowns, with so much time spent at home, being sedentary and growing bored of my normal activities, I was craving a new hobby, and one that would really exhilarate me.’

A friend suggested Jenny try wild swimming at a quarry near her home and Jenny decided to give it a go, albeit with some nerves.

‘I’m a keen swimmer but the idea of swimming in that sort of environment was completely new to me. Also, wouldn’t it be freezing? I was intrigued enough to give it a go though, and took my first dip in August with one of my sons.

‘Plunging into the water, my first thought was – wow it’s cold! But actually, once you become acclimatised to the water temperature it feels wonderful. That first swim was really memorable, I came out of the water feeling revived and invigorated, and I knew I was a convert.’

Jenny persuaded three friends to form a wild swim gang with her and since August they have met weekly for a dip.

‘I don’t wear a wetsuit, it’s too much faff getting in and out of one, just a swimsuit and now I look forward to my swim all week.

‘Front crawling through open water, surrounded by the sounds and sights nature, it’s so amazing and it washes away the stresses of the week. It’s nothing like swimming in a pool, it’s both exciting and soothing, brilliant for body and mind.

‘It’s definitely going to get a bit nippier as we go into winter but I’m ready for the challenge!’

So in the spirit of taking the plunge and trying something new, dive into a Zinger Popcorn Bucket soon – it is only around for a limited period, available until November 14.