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Please note our new phone number is now 07414657039

We apologise to anyone that has been unable to get in contact with us.

Our email is back up and running at kddrums@gmail.com


Sam Gray's New Single "Brighter Day" 

Check out the new video "Brighter Day" by the fantastic Sam Gray featuring KD artist Matt McCloud on a KD segmented maple kit!

Please follow the link to purchase the new single!



New Gallery's Being Added Soon!

custom snare drumWe need your photos!

We will soon be adding two more gallery's to our website and Facebook. A customer gallery and a KD live gallery.
The customer gallery will contain pictures of our customers with their KD drums or products.
The KD Live gallery will contain pictures of KD kits and snares being played live at venues.
If you own a KD snare or kit and would like us to add you to our gallery then please email us your pictures to kddrums@gmail.com

Customer Gallery.
 We would like the pictures to be of you and your snare or kit like the picture above and not playing them live as these will go into the KD Live gallery.

custom drumsKD Live Gallery.
Please send us pictures of you playing your drums live. Please note that this is only for KD drums, if you have a KD snare but another make of kit please ensure the KD snare is visible for us to use.

All pictures must be of good quality for use on our website and facebook.

Please send all pictures to kddrums@gmail.com with your name and band name for the gallery. If you wish you can include your website or band website which we will post in the gallery.

KD Spitfire Snare Drums.

spitfire snare drumKD Drums is proud to announce the launch of its Spitfire range of snare drums. 

KD has developed a new Brit themed snare drum which pays homage to the iconic RAF World War II fighter plane. 

KD decided to launch the Spitfires as it wanted to create a true British themed drum that would have a sound, look and vibe like no other. The Spitfire was the RAFs flagship fighter in World War II and is now KD’s flagship snare range. 

MK 1 from £650 & MK II from £900

Please click here for more info. http://www.kddrums.com/products/snare-drums/spitfire/default.aspx



spitfire snare drum

New KD Kadet Snare Drums.

Unbeatable value for a hand made snare drum for only £190!


custom drums
The new KD Kadet snare drums are brand new to KD Drums and are aimed at being a "wallet friendly" hand made, custom snare drum.
Made from premium grade A birch ply. 13plies with a 7mm thick shell made with the grain running vertical. The vertical grain allows the sound waves to travel up to four times faster giving great projection and tone. The vertical grain is a main feature on most KD snare drums including our top end K-1000 and KD Custom Shop snare drums. . 
The Kadet snare drum gives a well balanced and focused sound for a fraction of the price of other custom snare drums. 
The Kadet snare drum is fitted with 10 x die-cast full length lugs and 2.3mm triple flange hoops. Standard KD K10 strainer and they come complete with Evans G1 coated batter head and Evans Hazy 300 snare head.
All this for only £190.
We now have a selection of KD Kadet snares in stock in our custom shop to buy with immediate dispatch.
For more information or to order your Kadet snare drum please email us at kddrums@gmail.com or call the KD Custom Drum Shop on 0161 429 0808.

Frank Benbini from the Fun Lovin' Criminals new kit!

custom drums

Frank Benbini from the Fun Lovin' Criminals has been a KD artist since 2008. The first kit we made Frank, which he has been touring with since then, was a Classic Maple kit in turquoise glass glitter wrap. 

We thought it was about time that Frank had another kit. We decided to go with our popular vertical grain birch ply shells with a purple chameleon glitter lacquer.  This finish changes colour as you move around the kit. We also inlayed his signature in chrome on the side of each shell which is now a service we offer to all our customers.

Sizes of Frank’s new kit are 20 x 20, 16 x 14, 14 x 12 and 12 x 7. All fitted with our top of the range heavy duty hardware.

Price on this kit is £2550. 

The Fun Lovin’ Criminals are currently on tour so if you get the chance please check them out and Franks new kit! 

Yew Ply Snare Drum

We lately had the pleasure steve whiteof making a custom commission for Steve White.
This is a totally one off snare drum made from Yew. Very hard to work with but was worth it in the end!
The snare is 14 x 6 ¼. It is fitted with our new solid brass KD-HS lugs with the lug bodies plated in 24 carat gold and the tube in chrome. It also features our new solid aluminium badge and is finished in a satin lacquer.
Below are a few facts about the yew tree and some of the reasons why we chose yew for Steve’s snare drum.
The oldest known wooden implement is a spear made of yew wood, about 50,000 years old, from Clacton-on-Sea, England.

The oldest wooden instrument to be found has been radio-carbon dated to between 2120BC and 2085BC. This was a set off wooden pipes made from yew.
Archaeological excavations have found yew bows and knives from 10,000 years ago. Historically, yew bows were the weapon of choice for both hunting and warfare throughout most of Europe until the invention of firearms.
The oldest tree in Europe is said to be the Fortingall Yew of Fortingall, Scotland, near Loch Tay. It is 3,000 years old and presently lives surrounded by a cast iron fence in a churchyard. It is 56 1/2 feet in circumference.
Used as protection for the dead on their journey to the otherworld, protects from evil spirits. Also by planting a yew tree on the outer boundary of your property will protect you from evil spirits.
The long bow used by English bowmen was made from the centre of the yew tree.

KD Drums Custom Drum Shop Now Open

custom drum shopWe had a great day on the 16th April at our open day and met some wonderful people. The hard work has been worth every minute we have spent over the last weeks building our drums and fitting the shop.

Steve White’s clinic was, as always, stunning! Wonderful grooves and fills with lots of great advice.

We would like to give a massive thanks to all who have helped us with this venture and an extra special thanks to Steve White for his support and advice.

Grant Kershaw, Rick and Mark Henry, Curtis White, Chris Loftus and Matt McCloud for the tedious job of skinning and tuning over 40 snare drums.

Mark Coulson for the great job of fitting out our shop and Jimmy Rea for his help with the lighting and other jobs around the shop. Ian Thomas for long nights of sanding and even sleeping in our shop!

Paul and Dil from BC Bum Chum for their great product and demonstrations. Dave Quin from Echo custom snares, Craig from Gatton drum.co, Stefan Poensgen from Chequerplate stuff. Matt Nolan from Matt Nolan Custom Cymbals, Gary from Lion Cajons, Tina from Zildjian and Rob Pusey for all their support and wonderful products that they have displayed in our shop!!

Thanks to Craig Blundell, John Thompson and to all that came on the day and hope we will see you sometime soon. Next stop for us is the Jobeky custom drum show on the 1st of May so we hope to see you all there for some more amazing products by our thriving British custom Drum scene!

The KD Custom Drum shop will now be open 10am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5.30 Saturday. Much more exciting products to make and other prototype snares coming very soon!

Many thanks and all our wishes


Keith and Tim.

KD Drums Open Day.

KD Drums Official Opening Day.

The open day for our new custom drum shop will be held on the 16th April 2011.

Doors open at 9am and close at 4.30pm with a master class starting a 5.30pm held by Steve White for a limited number at £5 per ticket and is also the official launch of Steve Whites Vic Firth signature stick.

We will be launching the new  KD Stacked Ply snare drums and we have two prototype KD Spitfire snares on show. More news on the KD Stacked ply and Spitfire snare drums will follow soon and will be added to our snare drum line under the products section very soon.

Discounts will be available for this one day only on KD products. Custom orders for KD products can also be placed with the discount for this day with a 50% deposit.

Other great British products will be showing at the show and will be available to purchase from the store on the day. These include Echo Custom Snare Drums, Gatton custom snare drums, Lion Cajons, percussion by Chequerplate Stuff, Jobeky electric drums and the brand new silent monitoring system by Bum chum!

For those who have tickets for the master class, refreshments will be available at 4.30pm.

All are welcome and we hope to see you there!

Drum lessons with Steve White

Steve White playing KD DrumsWe are very pleased to announce that Steve White is now doing drum lessons at KD Drums.Steve White is one of the most respected session drummers in the UK and has played with artists such as Paul Weller, The Who, Oasis and many more.Steve has his own dedicated drum teaching room with 2 x pro kits and a PA. This is in association with Mapex drums.Anyone who is interested in a lesson with Steve please contact him direct for prices and available dates and times.talkback2@whiteydrums.com - more news and photos to follow´╗┐!